Our Services:

  • Design And Planning We design and plan final extrusions from samples or drawings as per customer requirements. We have partnered with a leading UK design firm to manufacture high quality dies with industrial strength.
  • Dye Correction Workshop Using our experienced dye correctors we can achieve perfection on design of all dies.
  • Extrusion We can provide all industrial and commercial sections between diametrical section lengths of 5mm to 125mm
  • Anodizing and Polishing: We have in-house anodizing process which provides wide range of anodizing treatment options, allowing us to provide end to end service. We also offer our customers polishing services prior to anodizing.
  • Powder Coating: We provide a wide variety of color choices and additional properties such as anti-bacterial, anti-static and heat-resistant coats.
  • Lab Reports: We offer the choice to our customers to procure an alloy-test report to guarantee metal composition.
  • Logistics: At an additional rate, we offer our customers the choice to utilize R.Y. Extrusion logistics to ensure door delivery.


Quality, Quality, Quality and everything that is needed to ensure Quality.

  • We are committed to utilize all tools to deliver high quality profiles
  • We are committed to honor our delivery times and rates provided

Our goal is to provide defect free, high-quality goods delivered in a timely fashion at an economical rate. We promise to work with our customers to resolve all queries, through honest and prompt response and establishing enriching life-time business relationships.