Company Profile:

Proud to MAKE in INDIA: R.Y Extrusion Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 2012. We manufacture all profiles of 6063 T4, T5, T6 and electrical grade alloys ranging from 5mm to 125mm cross sectional diameter and serve both domestic and international markets.. We currently manufacture profiles for heat fins, HVAC, pharmaceutical high pressure rooms, architectural facade, ladder sections as well as door and window architectural sections.

We strive to offer the best customer service by following three fundamental principles

  • Best Quality
  • Short Turnaround Time
  • Economical Rates

We deploy best in class control systems to create a “Quality Ecosystem while employing a first in industry data collection system to monitor quality of each extrusion from scrap to finish. We utilize

Ingots and Imported Scrap:
Quality starts from procuring the right material. The plant uses both pure aluminium NALCO ingots and imported scrap from Middle East.

Spectro-analyzed Alloy:
Raw material and alloy from our in-house foundry is checked to maintain chemical composition by utilizing best in class spectrometer, imported from Germany.

Automated Press:
Using an automated press and puller allows us to operate multiple cavity dies with minimum grain distortion. Both industrial and commercial sections are further inspected for specification adherence after every ten billets of extrusion.

Temperature Resistant Handling System:
We have deployed a fully automated, high temperature resistant handling system to reduce “metal on metal” scratches. We also use imported German finish cutting blades to provide a chip-free cut.

Quality Controlled Packing:
Extruded metal is further hardened to match T6 standards, and the resulting finished product inspected to ensure that only products matching customer specifications are packed and shipped.

Accurate Weight Measurement:
We utilize Japanese manufactured weighing scales to ensure absolute accuracy in weight measurements and as such assure absolute fairness to our end customer.

Short Turnaround Time:
We have one of the shortest dead-cycle time in the industry allowing us to produce finished goods at break neck speed. Furthermore, location of our manufacturing plants allows us to deliver to both Mumbai markets and Nava Shiva ports faster than anyone else.

Domestic Market:
Located 40 kilometers away from South Bombay and Navi Mumbai, we enjoy excellent road connectivity to country ‘s commercial capital

We possess export license and are the closest extrusion plant to JNPT

Quality Die Room:
Fully equipped die-room complete with Spanish made AJAX milling machines, allows us to quickly rectify die issues and maintain customer specifications.

Economical Rates:
Having an automated plant, seamless connectivity to local markets, a quality management system in place to reduce wastage we are able to offer extremely competitive market rates.